Splyce Spring 2016 Scouting Report

Several teams have changed ownership and branding this offseason, including Splyce, who earned their place in the European LCS by winning the EU Challenger Series playoffs over Mousesports. At the time, Splyce was known as Dignitas.EU, and their qualification into the LCS prompted the sale of the team since no organization is allowed to own multiple LCS squads.

DIG.EU was sold to an organization then known as FollowEsports, who rebranded both themselves and their teams to Splyce shortly thereafter.

Splyce will carry four of their players over into their first LCS split. Wunderwear will man the Top lane, Sencux is playing Mid, Kobbe is their AD Carry, and Nisbeth anchors the team as Support. In the Jungle, Obvious has been removed from the team in favor of Trashy, who played for Enemy in North America during 2015.

This article presents an overview scouting report of Splyce, including their strengths and weaknesses as a team and some thoughts about their chances for success in their first LCS split.

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