Top 10 Free Agents From the NA LCS

Every offseason, rosters undergo major shakeups as each organization tries to push itself over the top. With the World Championships all wrapped up, here are 10 of the biggest names to keep an eye on from 2015’s NA LCS talent pool.

10. Porpoise, Jungle, Immortals (formerly Team8)

3.1 KDA, 78.3% KP, 47% FBP, 0.94 WPM

It’s possible Porpoise will remain with Immortals (formerly known as Team8), but with the new ownership and the departure of Caltrlolz, Porpoise may also be ready to search for greener pastures. If he takes the free agent route, he should draw some decent attention from teams looking for a well-rounded Jungler who saves them a crucial import slot.

Possible Destinations: Immortals, Team SoloMid, Gravity, Cloud9

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