The New CLG: What We Learned at IEM San Jose

A month ago, when the unthinkable happened and Doublelift left Counter Logic Gaming for their archrivals, Team SoloMid, the esports world erupted with commentary. Beyond the drama and storylines, most of the analytical work focused on TSM’s prospects and the partnership between Doublelift and Bjergsen. CLG’s side of the transaction was thoroughly dissected for drama and mined for memes, but there was far less conversation about the roster that had been left behind, and what might become of it.

The CLG fanbase was rife with skepticism, some fans saying their loyalty would follow Doublelift to TSM, others simply bemoaning the team’s future. Significant questions were being raised: how might roster changes at AD Carry and Mid lane—where Huhi had already supplanted Pobelter—change the team’s dynamic? Who could possibly fill Doublelift’s shoes?

At Intel Extreme Masters San Jose, we got to watch the new CLG roster in action as they made a run to the Finals. During those games, some questions about the new CLG were answered; others were raised. It was clear that we were watching a different CLG, but how different? Let’s take a look.

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