Princess or Pumpkin? Cloud9’s Week 1 Fairytale

Are we really seeing this? Are Cloud9 actually 3-0 after the first week of the World Championships? Better believe it. Hai Lam continues to lead to his squad of merry men on an ascent from the depths of the North American LCS to the top of the world.

But is Cloud9 a fairytale or a fluke? Are they the real deal, contenders for a deep run in the knockout stages? Or are they about to be brought back down to earth? That is literally the million-dollar question.

After Cloud9 dramatically qualified for the World Championships by running the North American gauntlet, winning three best-of-fives in three days, I wrote in detail about the team’s “Hai Rise”, describing how Hai’s return inspired massive improvements in their early-game play, followed by refinements to their late-game. The more time the team has had together, the better they are executing on the new style they’ve adopted.

It’s tempting to look at Cloud9’s growth and say the sky’s the limit, and there are definitely plenty of positives in Cloud9’s play. But try to rein in your enthusiasm: there are some big warning signs that could point to Cloud9’s impending crash.

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