Piccaboo: The Hero KT Rolster Needed

When Piccaboo escaped the evil clutches of SK Telecom T1 and joined the KT Rolster squad, it was a major turning point for his new team. His appearance triggered a run of play that once again has MonteCristo desperately fighting the urge to let out his inner KT fan. (It’s better to have loved and lost, Monte. Embrace it.)

In celebration of KT Rolster’s arrival in second place of the LCK, here are some statistics that show the impact Piccaboo has had.

You Can’t Spell Rekt Without Piccaboo (or something like that)

KT Rolster pre-post PiccabooNumbers reflect team totals.

Overall, KT Rolster’s win rate is up an impressive 24 percentage points. They’re averaging almost five fewer deaths per game, a massive improvement. The big increases in vision control have likely helped with that, with KT Rolster averaging 10% more wards placed and 14% more ward clears since Piccaboo has joined, gains almost solely due to Piccaboo’s personal WPM and WCPM stats.

A major trend behind KT Rolster’s improved performances seems to be that they’re applying more effective early pressure. KT are earning far more First Bloods and the same number of pre-15-minute kills, but giving up 1.3 fewer deaths prior to 15 minutes. Much of that early-game combat has centred around Nagne: the Mid laner’s average kills + assists at 15 minutes has doubled from just 0.6 with Fixer to 1.2 with Piccaboo.

But Every Rollercoaster Has Its Ups and Downs

What Piccaboo’s presence has not done for KT Rolster, apparently, is improve their ability to generate early gold leads, helped them control the jungle more effectively, or allowed them to close out games more quickly.*

KT Rolster pre-post PiccabooNumbers reflect team totals.

The drop in jungle share is very confusing, since KT’s win rate has increased so much. It’s standard for a winning team to take close to 55% of monster kills, so a sub-50% jungle share is quite unusual here.

Also very surprising is that KT Rolster’s average gold spent percentage difference (GSPD), which is generally a very reliable indicator of overall performance, has only slightly increased with Piccaboo, by just 0.3 percentage points. The marginal GSPD gains but huge win rate increase would normally suggest that the team has been more effective at winning late-game team fights and earning small-margin victories, rather than taking early leads and using their advantage to efficiently close out games. It’s a strange disconnect, and one I’ll allow analysts more familiar with the team to comment on.

All Aboard the Hype Train: Exits are Here-Here-Here-Here-Here, Anywhere!

From their win/loss record, KT Rolster seem to be on an unstoppable upswing, showing newfound dominance ever since Piccaboo joined the squad. His effect on the team is very measurable in some ways, but a bit of a head-scratcher in others.

Analyst and fan opinions on Twitter, when I raised the question of Piccaboo’s influence, varied and in some cases even contradicted each other. According to some, Piccaboo has a) improved KT Rolster’s early-game pressure, b) improved Arrow’s laning, c) performed well in team fights, and d) actually not been that good in the late game? We’ve seen that some of those things are measurably true, while others are hard to demonstrate or test, or seem to be based on conflicting perceptions.

With a week and a half left in the Summer split, it will be fascinating to see what KT Rolster and Piccaboo can do and how they do it, and whether they are truly the LCK’s second-best team.

Tim “Mag1c” Sevenhuysen runs OraclesElixir.com, the premier source for League of Legends esports statistics. His two sons share Nunu as their favorite champion, and love using him as their Willump. Tim holds a Master’s degree in Sociology and spends far too much time staring at spreadsheets. Follow him on Twitter.

* In KT Rolster’s 13 wins with Piccaboo, three have come faster than 35 minutes and three have gone longer than 45 minutes. Compare this to Fixer’s 11 wins, with five wins faster than 35 minutes and only one win longer than 45 minutes.

6 thoughts on “Piccaboo: The Hero KT Rolster Needed”

  1. AGT in wins may have gone up because they’re now winning games against teams they didn’t before, which are usually top teams and as such put up more resistance than low tier teams that KT has beaten before.

      1. What Heldarion said. At least 2 Najin games, and 1 SKT game were added to the ‘games won’ data set that weren’t present in the data set under fixer (because they lost against those teams). Easily explains the AGT difference AND the gold at 15 difference.

    1. Yes, there is separate tracking of minion kills and monster kills, and the monster kills are separated by “own jungle” and “enemy jungle”.

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