On An Island: Top Lane Play in LCS and LCK

Each region has its own flavor, and part of that flavor is how teams prioritize the contributions of each position. Generally speaking, AD Carries receive the biggest share of the resource pie, with Mid laners following close behind and Top laners coming in third. But there is variety in how this hierarchy plays out: in North America, for example, AD Carries are placed on a higher pedestal than anywhere else, while Europe’s Mid laners enjoy larger shares than their counterparts in other regions.

Then we have Korea. In a somewhat surprising twist, it is the Top laners who receive special treatment in the LCK. Compared to North America and Europe, Top laners in Korea pocket more of their teams’ gold, are allowed to absorb more late-game farm, do more of their teams’ damage, and generally influence the games in a different way. (Data from China’s LPL is not available.)

In this article, we’re going to explore what Korea’s Top lane priority looks like, both in the early game and the late game, where that priority comes from, and finally its effects on how LCK games play out.

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