NA Playoffs: TiP vs CLG Statistical Talking Points

I put together the following statistical talking points as preparation for the Semifinal matchup between Team Impulse (TiP) and Counter Logic Gaming (CLG), which was played earlier today. Even though the games have been played, I figured these stats might still be of interest to some people, so here they are! (Note: I have a similar document for TSM vs. Team Liquid, which I will probably post up soon, as well.)

A few of these stats showed up on the actual broadcast today. Bonus points to anyone who caught them live!

Early-Game Action

Farm Distribution
ZionSpartan vs. Impact
Where the CLG Action Happens
Gate vs. XiaoWeiXiao

Early-Game Action

TiP and CLG were the two most active early-game teams this split. In the regular season and Quarterfinals, Impulse averaged 3.7 kills at 15 minutes, and CLG averaged a distant second with 2.6.

  • Impulse’s early-game aggression is a double-edged sword: they averaged the second-most deaths by 15 minutes (2.9, compared to CLG’s 2.2).
  • TiP’s early game is driven by Rush (3.00 kills+assists at 15 minutes) and Adrian (2.71), both league leaders in their positions. Less involvement from Impact (2.27), Gate (1.33), and Apollo (2.00).
  • CLG’s early game is fairly evenly distributed across Xmithie (1.95 k+a@15), Aphromoo (1.74), Doublelift (1.58), and ZionSpartan (1.53). Less involvement from Pobelter (0.84).

Farm Distribution

CLG heavily funnels its late-game farm into Doublelift: in the regular season, he averaged 35.0% of CLG’s post-15-minute CS, second-most of NA ADCs.

  • ZionSpartan 22.3% (7th among Tops), Xmithie 12.0% (2nd among Jungles), Pobelter 27.4% (13th among 14 Mids)
  • By comparison, Apollo averaged just 28.9% of Impulse’s post-15 CS, second-least of NA ADCs.

ZionSpartan vs. Impact

ZionSpartan was really, really good this split.

  • Highest CSD@10 of the entire NA LCS (+10.6).
  • Second-highest gold lead at 10 minutes in the NA LCS (+275, behind Emperor’s +308).
  • Second-highest average damage share among Top laners (21.4%, behind Seraph’s 23.6%).
  • Highest average wards per minute (WPM) among Top laners (0.69).
  • Second-most solo kills of any NA player: 11 solo kills, 7 on opposing Top. (FeniX had 12 solo kills, but only 4 on his lane opponent.)

But Impact had more involvement in his team’s action than ZionSpartan.

  • Impact 72.4% average kill participation, to ZionSpartan’s 61.1%.
  • Impact 5.4 KDA to ZionSpartan’s 4.2.
  • Impact 72 deaths in 19 games (21.7% death share) to ZionSpartan’s 73 deaths in 19 games (18.9% death share).

Where the CLG Action Happens

CLG’s action is very heavily centered around their duo lane. In the regular season, Doublelift and Aphromoo had 80% and 78% average kill participation, and the rest of team had 64% or less.

  • Xmithie’s 63.5% kill participation was second-lowest of all NA Junglers (ahead of only Helios).

Doublelift was a favorite target for opponents, averaging 24.6% of CLG’s deaths, the worst of any starting NA ADC by almost 3 percentage points.

  • Apollo was second-best for NA ADCs, averaging just 13.4% of team deaths.

Gate vs. XiaoWeiXiao

Gate is carrying much less of the damage load than XiaoWeiXiao did. Instead, Impulse is building around damage from Rush and Apollo. Impact has also been doing less carrying. The average damage shares below reflect the regular season and Quarterfinals.

TiP Damage Share prepost XWX

Note: With Gate playing two games of Lulu in the Semifinals, and Apollo playing three games on scaling hypercarries, the percentages with Gate are likely to have become even more pronounced, something to watch closely going into the 3rd place match next week.


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