Options: Add Challenger Series, or Produce More In-Depth Articles?

Some Oracle’s Elixir readers have asked about stats tables for the NA and EU Challenger Series. Others have commented on how much they enjoy the in-depth stats I sometimes share in various articles.

The problem is that if I start doing data entry for the Challenger Series, I will have less time for writing articles. And if I produce more articles, I’ll have less time to keep up with data entry!

I’d really appreciate feedback on which direction readers would like to see me go. Is there more appetite for Challenger Series stats, or for in-depth stats and analysis? What would you rather have?

Leave a comment and let me know, or send me a note on Twitter.

3 thoughts on “Options: Add Challenger Series, or Produce More In-Depth Articles?”

  1. Seeing as mash has around a 75 KDA in CS, it’s clear to see there’s not much stuff that’s worth watching compared to top leagues like LCS or LCK.

  2. Honestly I don’t think Challenger Series are as relevant as LCK or LCS are. I don’t know if anyone watches CS though, but like Matt said “there’s not much stuff that’s worth watching” in there, so we want more in-depth articles.

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