Broken Timings in LOLesports Match Histories

I don’t often resort to using memes, but:

Riot, pls

TL;DR: I just confirmed that the timing charts in the lolesports match history pages appear to be broken: every timing is shifted forward by one minute, so the numbers given “at 10:00” actually represent 11:00, and so on. We need to bring this to Riot’s attention so they can hopefully fix it.

The Story

I was doing some data entry for the Oracle’s Elixir NA LCS database today, adding in some new tracking for things like First Blood assists, objectives, and first dragon/tower/baron, etc. For the sake of good practice, I decided to check a couple of the VoDs against what was in the Match History pages.

Take a look at Game 1 of the NA 2015 Spring Split, TSM vs. Cloud9. Here’s the lolesports VoD, and here’s the Match History page.

Using the “Team Gold Advantage” chart in the middle of the Match History, we see that the first kill is marked in the 9th minute, and the first towers are marked in the 14th minute.

But scroll down a bit to the “Match Breakdown” box. First Blood wasn’t in the 9th minute, it was at 10:49! Likewise, the first tower went down at 15:00, not during the 14th minute. Watching the VoD confirms that the Match Breakdown is correct, but the chart is off by one minute.

I’ve checked several other matches from the 2015 Spring Split, as well, and the one-minute offset is consistently present.

For the record, I checked some of my personal match histories and this issue doesn’t seem to exist there. It’s only present in the lolesports competitive match histories.

If anyone would like to help me check some other leagues, we could see whether this is only affecting NA Spring 2015, or whether it’s more systemic.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a fair amount of data to re-enter!


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