Academy Standouts: 2020 Summer Week 3

Academy Standouts highlights the players who performed best in the most recent week of NA Academy play. I’ll discuss a few of the most noteworthy players, then list some of the other strong performers below.

If you want to track your favourite team’s Academy performance throughout each split, you can also check out the Academy stats pages, starting with 2020 Spring regular season player stats and team stats.

Lost, Bot, TSM

TSM Lost 2020 Split 1.pngLost and Treatz are the best duo lane in Academy right now. TSM Academy’s 2-0 week against 100 Academy and EG Academy featured big-time carry games from Lost, with big laning stats, damage output, and kill participation.

Lost Stats, 2020 Summer Week 3

W3 16.5 84.6% +911 654 31.2%
Total 13.4 78.8% +403 587 32.4%

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Oracle’s Elixir 2.0 – Coming Soon

Oracle’s Elixir has always provided the most advanced, comprehensive League of Legends esports analytics. To help push that mission forward, a brand new Oracle’s Elixir will be launching very soon, with everything rebuilt from the ground up. Not only will the new site provide more data, faster page loads, and coverage of a ton more leagues from around the world; it will also allow me to invest more effort into innovating even more ways of measuring team and player performance.

You can preview the new site now at

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