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World Finals: Preview and Predictions

For the first time in League of Legends history, two Korean teams will face off for the Summoners Cup. This Saturday, SK Telecom T1 and the KOO Tigers will take the stage, and when it’s over we will crown the victors, celebrating a third consecutive Korean World Champion.

The Story so Far

The SK Telecom franchise is hunting for its second world title, after Faker and Bengi earned the Summoner’s Cup in Season 3 with a different set of teammates. They’re exceeding that 2013 performance so far, on target for the first ever undefeated World Championships run. But SKT’s 12-0 record at Worlds might not even be their most impressive accomplishment so far this year.

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First Blood Patterns at Worlds

The 2015 World Championships have been all about the Top lane, and teams have put tons of effort into getting their Top laners ahead through early gank pressure. Through the group stages and Quarterfinals, Top laners have represented 40% of the First Blood victims, much higher than what we saw in any of the major regions during the Summer split and Regional tournaments.

The chart below shows how often each role was killed for First Blood in the LCK, LMS, NA LCS, and EU LCS, as well as during the World Championships so far. Continue reading First Blood Patterns at Worlds

World Semifinals: Preview and Predictions

Only four teams remain. SK Telecom T1 takes on Origen on Saturday, October 24, and Fnatic faces off against the KOO Tigers on Sunday, October 25.

Here are some overviews of each team’s strengths and win conditions, and my predictions for the results, to help you get ready for what are sure to be some awesome games.

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