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Blank Check: SKT, IEM, and the Jungler Question

When the reigning World Champions are sitting in the bottom half of their league’s standings halfway through the Spring split, it’s bound to stir up a little conversation. When that team goes out and wins an international tournament using their backup Jungler… Well, that’s bound to really fuel some discussion.

SK Telecom T1 were thoroughly convincing at the IEM Katowice tournament, winning all seven games they played and forcing Fnatic to surrender in the deciding Game 3 of the Finals. The natural response is to wonder if they’ll be ready to translate that success into their domestic play. And in SKT’s unique circumstances, we have to wonder whether Blank showed at IEM that he can be a better solution for his team than the veteran Bengi as they play out the rest of this split.

Before we can draw any inferences about SKT’s level of play with Blank, and whether they should use him moving forward, we have to look at the context of the IEM tournament, the play of SKT’s opponents, and—of course—the stats.

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