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Snapshot Challenge 11:30

The challenge: look at a screenshot of a specific point in a game of League of Legends and use the available information to recommend their next move.

Today we’re looking at the 11:30 mark of a game that pits Nautilus, Lee Sin, Syndra, Varus, and Karma against Renekton, Rengar, Ahri, Ashe, Lulu.

Things aren’t looking so great for our red team. They’re down in gold and Renekton is about to get hit with a 3v1 tower dive, with his Flash already used before making it back to the safety of his tower. Mid lane outer tower is down; Syndra is fed.

But giving up is for giver-uppers: there’s always something worth trying.

Virtually every answer I received on Twitter pointed to pressing the bottom side of the map, typically with the goal of using the ultimates from Rengar, Ashe, and Lulu to lane gank and/or tower dive and thereby trade towers. Continue reading Snapshot Challenge 11:30