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Analyst Challenge – SKT vs Afreeca

Here’s your challenge: look at a brief video clip from a recent game of professional League of Legends and use the available information to recommend one team’s next move.

June 24, 2019 Challenge

Yesterday’s challenge came from game 2 of the 2019 summer week 1 match between SK Telecom T1 and the Afreeca Freecs. The question was: what should the next move be for the blue-side team (SKT)?

The Responses

Here are a few of the responses that came in. Continue reading Analyst Challenge – SKT vs Afreeca

Snapshot Challenge 17:15

For some interesting responses and discussion, check out the following Twitter threads. Continue reading Snapshot Challenge 17:15

Snapshot Challenge 24:12

The challenge: look at a screenshot of a specific point in a game of League of Legends and use the available information to recommend their next move.

Today’s scenario is a mid-game situation where our protagonists, the red team, have a split push set up with Trundle, Gragas, Taliyah, Varus, and Rakan, against the blue team’s Shen, Sejuani, Lissandra, Tristana, and Taric. Continue reading Snapshot Challenge 24:12