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LCS Regionals, CG vs CLG: Quick Notes for Clutch Gaming

Before the North American Regional Qualifiers started, I predicted a 3-1 victory for Counter Logic Gaming over Clutch Gaming. Following Clutch’s win over FlyQuest on Friday, here are some strategic notes for Clutch that could help them beat my prediction.

1. Clean up the communication.

Most of Clutch’s weak-looking moments in their series against FlyQuest came from communication desyncs between their frontline and backline players. There were several moments, especially in the game 2 loss, where Huni, Vulcan, or Lira initiated an aggressive play while Cody Sun or Damonte were not yet in position to follow up with the damage needed to finish off a target. Synchronization between initiators and carries has been crucial to Clutch’s success for the last several weeks, so when that fell apart, Clutch looked pretty shaky. Continue reading LCS Regionals, CG vs CLG: Quick Notes for Clutch Gaming

Win Conditions: LCS 3rd Place, 2019 Summer

The 3rd-place match between Counter Logic Gaming and Clutch Gaming could go either way, but each team has certain strengths they can focus on and weaknesses they need to protect if they want to come out ahead.

Here are two pivotal interactions that I believe could decide this series, and my personal prediction for the outcome.

CLG Vision Control vs. Clutch Flank Initiations

Last week I called out CLG’s mid and late game vision control as an issue that I’ve seen from them throughout the summer split. If CLG can improve on their vision game, it’ll tip the match much more in their favour, but if Clutch can find the same windows to exploit that Cloud9 found, we could see an upset. Continue reading Win Conditions: LCS 3rd Place, 2019 Summer