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Turret Plating and Early-Game Variance: How well did Riot manage the metagame for the 2019 spring split?

Turret plating was introduced to League of Legends for the 2019 season as a way to improve and extend laning phase. That change, along with some other factors, had the potential for huge impact on the pace and metagame of pro LoL. After a full split of domestic and international play, it’s time to evaluate the results to see whether Riot’s changes produced the intended effects, and just as importantly, whether or not they created any collateral damage to the game’s balance.

Spoiler: things worked out pretty well!

Where did the shift come from?

In a development update going into the preseason, Riot stated:

“[Turret plating provides] a more protected and slightly longer laning phase, but still rewards those early push or strong lanes types with the opportunity to destroy a lot of barricade segments and reap the gold rewards.”

Essentially, the goal was to make the first 15 minutes of the game less volatile, but still give it a high influence over the outcome of the game. There was also a sub-goal of bringing down game lengths, partly seen in Riot saying that they wanted to see “decided games resolve faster.”

The goal was not to make the laning phase or early game a more influential part of the overall game flow, and that is the most important aspect of what we’ll evaluate below. Continue reading Turret Plating and Early-Game Variance: How well did Riot manage the metagame for the 2019 spring split?

Jungler slash lines improve measurement of early-game effectiveness

TL;DR Because of changes to the jungle as part of Season 7, I am proposing a new way of measuring junglers’ early-game effectiveness.

Key Findings

Changes to the jungle for the 2017 season have created some loss of meaning in one of the oldest statistics used for professional play: CS Difference at X minutes. The addition of more small creeps in the raptor and krug camps has created wider variance in the value of a single creep score (CS), leading to inflated CS gaps for junglers without any real difference in the gold or experience gaps being generated.

These changes have some implications for how we should report on junglers’ early-game head-to-heads. Continue reading Jungler slash lines improve measurement of early-game effectiveness

Farm Distribution Post-15 Minutes

Image courtesy of lolesports.com

Farm distribution, specifically after the laning phase is over, is one way teams put priority on different players to take a larger role in the game. We’ll call 15 minutes the average “end of laning phase” for the sake of this exploration.

The data below reflects players’ average share of post-15-minute farm, with post-15-minute gold share also included for context. All data reflects each league’s 2015 Summer split regular season, including tiebreakers.

See the interactive table at the bottom of the post to explore Post-15 CS% globally (LPL data not available).

>35% Club

These players all averaged 35% or more of their teams’ post-15 CS.

  • FW KKramer (37.0%)
  • GV Altec (36.3%)
  • GIA PePiiNeRO (35.3%)
  • CLG Doublelift (35.0%)
  • GMB Forg1ven (35.0%)

Continue reading Farm Distribution Post-15 Minutes