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Flawed Leaders: how does parity affect North America’s international aspirations?

Weak, flawed, and inconsistent leadership is a familiar topic in North America these days, but leaving politics aside, a similar concept applies to the NA LCS. League-wide parity continues to reign, partly due to underappreciated strengths within the bottom teams but also due to underdiscussed vulnerabilities among the frontrunners, including the two teams currently tied for first, Team SoloMid and Cloud9.

Best-against-best competition is on the not-too-distant horizon; it’s time for the NA LCS’s top teams to start patching their holes. Parity might be a sign that North America simply doesn’t have a shining-star representative ready for the international stage at the Mid-Season Invitational, but it could also be a crucible that purifies the leaders, exposing their weaknesses and forcing them to improve. Continue reading Flawed Leaders: how does parity affect North America’s international aspirations?

Hai is still the king of early Barons

Oops, Hai did it again.

Through two weeks of the 2017 spring split, FlyQuest mid laner Hai “Hai” Lam has been up to his old Baron tricks. No matter the game situation, Hai has been finding ways to sneak away with game-changing early buffs.

FlyQuest are sitting second in their control of the game’s first Baron, and the Baron is being taken earlier in their games than for any other team.

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Early Baron control has been a hallmark of Hai’s shotcalling throughout his career. Continue reading Hai is still the king of early Barons

Assist Support for NA LCS Kill Leaders

Behind every carry there are helpful teammates; behind most kills, there are assists.

The tables below show where the assists came from for the three AD carries and three mid laners who had the most kills in the NA LCS 2016 summer regular season.


ad carry kill leaders teammate participation

Doublelift received more help than the other two players from his support, Biofrost, with Bio helping on 85% of Doublelift’s kills. Surprisingly, Bjergsen only assisted on 62% of Doublelift’s kills. Part of that is because the TSM duo lane created lots of kills all on their own (Doublelift had 14 kills where Biofrost was the only assist, compared to 9 each for the other two ADC/support pairings in this graphic).

By comparison, WildTurtle and Sneaky both received more help from their junglers and top laners. In particular, Impact was very helpful in providing assists on Sneaky’s kills, while Pobelter did a lot to help WildTurtle.


mid lane kill leaders teammate participation

Jensen was the overall kill leader of the NA LCS this split, and also had the highest ratio of solo kills among the three mid lane kill leaders. He synced with Sneaky on a lot of kills, getting more assists from Sneaky than the other two mid laners got from their ADCs.

Pobelter’s jungler and support stacked up a lot of assists on his kills, with Reignover’s support of Pobelter being much higher than the help Meteos, and especially Svenskeren, gave to Jensen and Bjergsen, respectively.

Across the board, Bjergsen had low assist rates from his teammates, relative to Jensen and Pobelter. This suggests that Bjergsen did more of his own work, and that more of his kills came from smaller engagements, where his kills would come with only one or two assists rather than three or four.