LPL 2018 Summer Regular Season Player Statistics

GPGames played
AGTAverage game time
W%Win percentage
AGLAverage game length
G LenAverage game length
P%Percentage of games champion was picked in the given role
B%Percentage of games in which the champion was banned (not role-specific)
P+B%Percentage of games in which the champion was either picked or banned (not role-specific)
KTotal kills
DTotal deaths
ATotal assists
KPGKills per game
DPGDeaths per game
APGAssists per game
Team KPGKills per game
Team DPGDeaths per game
KDATotal kill/death/assist ratio
K:DKill-to-death ratio
CKPMCombined kills per minute (team kills + opposing team kills)
XPD@10Average experience difference at 10 minutes
XPD10Average experience difference at 10 minutes
GD@10Average gold difference at 10 minutes
GD@15Average gold difference at 15 minutes
GD10Average gold difference at 10 minutes
GD15Average gold difference at 15 minutes
Team GD@15Average team gold difference at 15 minutes
GPRGold Percent Rating: Average amount of the game's total gold held, centered around 50% and multiplied by 100 (e.g. +1.00 represents 51.00%)
GSPDAverage gold spent percentage difference
EGREarly-Game Rating
MLRMid/Late Rating
TWLProportion of time spent with a gold lead (holding more than 52% of the gold in the game). Developed by
TWDProportion of time spent with a gold deficit (holding less than 48% of the gold in the game). Developed by
FBP%First Blood participation rate (FB kills+assists / games played)
FBPFirst Blood participation rate (FB kills+assists / games played)
FBD%First Blood death rate (FB deaths / games played)
K+A@15Average kills+assists at 15 minutes
K@15Average kills at 15 minutes
A@15Average assists at 15 minutes
D@15Average deaths at 15 minutes
FB%First Blood rate (for players, includes both kills and assists)
FD%First dragon rate
FT%First tower rate
F3T%First to kill three towers rate
HLD%Percentage of games in which the team acquired Rift Herald
FBN%First Baron rate
BN%Baron control rate
FT TimeAverage first tower kill time
FTTAverage first tower kill time
DrPGDragons killed per game
DRG%Dragon control rate (if ELD% is also reported, this only reflects elemental drakes
ELD%Elder dragon control rate
TPGTowers killed per game
KPKill participation
aKPAverage kill participation
D%Share of team's deaths
DTH%Share of team's deaths
CSD@10Average creep score difference at 10 minutes
CSD10Average creep score difference at 10 minutes
CSPMAverage monsters + minions killed per minute
CS%P15Average share of team's post-15-minute minion and monster kills
DPMAverage damage to champions per minute
Team DPMAverage team damage to champions per minute
Team DTPMAverage team-wide damage taken from champions per minute
DTPMAverage damage taken from champions per minute
DPDAverage damage to champions percentage difference
Dmg%Average share of team's total damage to champions
EGPMAverage earned gold per minute (excludes starting gold and inherent gold generation)
Gold%Average share of team's total gold earned (excludes starting gold and inherent gold generation)
Gold% Post-15Average share of team's gold earned post-15 minutes (excludes starting gold and inherent gold generation)
LNE%Lane control: average share of game's total lane CS
JNG%Jungle control: average share of game's total jungle CS
WPMAverage wards placed per minute
CWPMAverage control wards purchased per minute
WCPMAverage wards cleared per minute
WC%Average percentage of opponent wards cleared
VWCAverage percentage of opponent visible wards cleared
IWCAverage percentage of opponent invisible wards cleared
CS% Post-15Average share of team's creep score after 15 minutes
Minion% Post-15Average share of team's minion kills after 15 minutes
Monster% Post-15Average share of team's monster kills after 15 minutes

957Team WETop1527%1728632.960.2%18.5%
AbleRoyal Never Give UpADC3100%144249.563.3%14.3%
AlexFunplus PhoenixJungle2100%35143.460.7%27.8%
AmazingJBilibili GamingTop1527%1448721.861.0%21.5%
AodiVici GamingTop1527%4057591.761.1%24.1%
AthenaBilibili GamingMiddle333%46163.374.1%17.6%
BaolanInvictus GamingSupport1573%18181026.762.5%13.6%
BenTeam WESupport20%1640.862.5%27.3%
CATTopsports GamingSupport1346%628973.768.2%21.1%
CavemanVici GamingSupport1527%15561062.274.7%23.6%
ChieftainBilibili GamingJungle1030%1731462.068.5%21.4%
ClearLoveEDward GamingJungle1080%1920825.168.2%19.4%
ClidJD GamingJungle1765%54461133.666.8%22.3%
CondiTeam WEJungle1020%2126462.676.1%25.0%
CoolFunplus PhoenixMiddle1443%3733552.873.6%18.3%
CoolFunplus PhoenixADC10%1393.383.3%15.8%
CornTopsports GamingMiddle10%8741.754.5%29.2%
CrispFunplus PhoenixSupport1540%1145882.272.3%22.6%
DoinbRogue WarriorsMiddle1283%4425744.774.2%18.1%
DukeInvictus GamingTop1573%4025513.647.4%18.9%
EasyhoonVici GamingMiddle10%2243.046.2%10.0%
EimyLGD GamingJungle1527%3036712.865.2%18.8%
FdyLGD GamingADC60%919191.560.9%20.7%
fenfenSuning GamingMiddle1553%5744823.270.6%27.3%
FireRainVici GamingMiddle1429%3251571.759.7%23.5%
FlandreSnake EsportsTop1450%2126783.866.9%17.4%
FlawlessRogue WarriorsJungle1283%2228773.562.3%20.3%
FurySuning GamingADC1553%4127824.662.4%16.8%
GENTLETeam WEADC825%2111234.064.7%13.9%
GgoongTopsports GamingMiddle1250%3815616.676.7%13.8%
GimGoonFunplus PhoenixTop1540%2535472.152.6%17.6%
GuoguoSnake EsportsMiddle450%147133.962.8%16.7%
GuoguoSnake EsportsADC1050%3522413.572.4%20.6%
H4ckerSuning GamingJungle1553%4143963.269.5%26.7%
HaroEDward GamingJungle367%115267.472.5%17.2%
HudieSnake EsportsSupport1050%823723.576.2%21.5%
HudieSnake EsportsADC1100%001212.085.7%0.0%
iBoyEDward GamingADC1377%5625745.265.3%18.9%
impTeam WEADC20%4342.780.0%18.8%
JackeyLoveInvictus GamingADC1573%3827653.853.6%20.5%
jinjiaoBilibili GamingMiddle10%8662.393.3%25.0%
jinjiaoBilibili GamingADC1429%2535672.673.0%17.6%
JinooLGD GamingTop1527%3539572.459.4%20.3%
KarsaRoyal Never Give UpJungle875%2321483.472.4%33.3%
killuaRogue WarriorsSupport1283%1230943.566.7%21.7%
kRYST4LSnake EsportsADC333%610172.379.3%25.0%
LetmeRoyal Never Give UpTop771%145308.853.7%9.6%
LiesTopsports GamingTop838%1424422.355.4%25.8%
LokeNJD GamingADC1765%74291006.069.6%14.1%
LvMaoJD GamingSupport1765%22531493.268.4%25.7%
LwxFunplus PhoenixMiddle10%3452.066.7%21.1%
LwxFunplus PhoenixADC1443%3737462.266.4%20.6%
M1anhuaBilibili GamingSupport10%16101.873.3%25.0%
M1anhuaBilibili GamingJungle425%1811102.582.4%20.4%
Maestr0Snake EsportsJungle10%3472.576.9%33.3%
Maestr0Snake EsportsMiddle956%915624.777.2%15.8%
Maestr0Snake EsportsSupport450%48314.481.4%19.0%
MaRinTopsports GamingTop560%911182.554.0%27.5%
MeikoEDward GamingSupport1377%10301294.669.8%22.7%
MingRoyal Never Give UpSupport1479%12251275.676.8%19.5%
MissingTeam WESupport1331%1129843.376.0%22.5%
MlxgRoyal Never Give UpJungle683%1715464.275.9%23.1%
MoleBilibili GamingMiddle1127%3632302.166.7%19.4%
MoleBilibili GamingADC10%0581.653.3%20.8%
MouseRogue WarriorsTop1283%2921765.066.0%15.2%
MysticTeam WEADC540%1710254.276.4%17.9%
NewtLGD GamingSupport20%0520.425.0%20.0%
NingInvictus GamingJungle1573%4036763.260.4%27.3%
PepperTeam WEJungle540%89243.671.1%19.1%
PylLGD GamingSupport1331%1539882.670.1%23.4%
QiuqiuTopsports GamingADC1346%3021734.968.2%15.8%
rayEDward GamingTop1377%4219846.663.3%14.4%
roadBilibili GamingSupport1429%1741792.376.2%20.6%
roadBilibili GamingJungle10%12147.5100.0%8.3%
RooKieInvictus GamingMiddle1573%5626825.371.9%19.7%
ScoutEDward GamingMiddle1377%6133854.473.4%25.0%
SmLzRogue WarriorsADC1283%5234713.677.4%24.6%
SnowVici GamingADC1527%3925724.468.5%10.5%
SofMSnake EsportsMiddle10%7354.092.3%25.0%
SofMSnake EsportsJungle1354%4131673.580.0%22.6%
SwiftVici GamingJungle1527%3446822.571.6%19.4%
UziRoyal Never Give UpMiddle10%0111.050.0%11.1%
UziRoyal Never Give UpADC1080%3520413.863.9%22.0%
XiaoALSuning GamingTop1553%4831904.570.1%19.3%
XiaohuRoyal Never Give UpMiddle1385%3822735.062.0%18.5%
XiaohuRoyal Never Give UpADC10%1300.350.0%33.3%
XinyiFunplus PhoenixJungle1331%2037521.966.1%20.4%
xiyeTeam WEMiddle1527%3329593.269.2%19.2%
XxTopsports GamingJungle1346%4627593.969.5%20.3%
y4LGD GamingADC944%2221483.364.2%21.0%
YagaoJD GamingMiddle1765%6846993.666.8%22.3%
YoonSuning GamingSupport1553%10161328.972.1%9.9%
YuukiLGD GamingMiddle1527%4433683.472.3%17.2%
ZoomJD GamingTop1765%32321305.164.8%15.5%
Zz1taiRoyal Never Give UpTop786%2712385.465.7%15.8%
For a full list of abbreviations and explanations, check the Definitions page.
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