Match Data Dictionary

Use the variable names and descriptions below to interpret downloaded match data files. Older match data files may not include some of the variables below. Data file structure is subject to change.

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Variable Description
gameid Game identifier from Riot’s server. Unique for each server/league, but may not be unique across different servers/leagues.
url Match history link
league League
split Time period covered, denoted by year and suffixes (1 spring, 2 summer, po playoffs, r regionals, w worlds)
week Within-split week and day (“week within season,” decimal, “day within week”), or playoff round. T tiebreaker, QF quarterfinals, SF semifinals, F finals, 3P third-place, R# round#, RR round robin.

For best-of-1 events, this reflects week only, with day number stored in the “game” field.

game Game number within the series. T tiebreaker.
date Calendar date/time game was created (Mountain time). Stored in Excel time format.
patchno Patch number, stored numerically. Note that single-digit patches are preceded by a zero (e.g. patch 6.01). Patch 6.1 = patch 6.10.
playerid Player/team identifier, for differentiating map side and position.
side Map side.
position Player position.
player Player name.
team Team name.
champion Champion name.
ban1 Team’s first ban.
ban2 Team’s second ban.
ban3 Team’s third ban.
ban4 Team’s fourth ban.
ban5 Team’s fifth ban.
gamelength Game length, in minutes. (Seconds measured in hundredths of a minute.)
result Game result (1 win, 0 loss).
k Total kills.
d Total deaths.
a Total assists.
teamkills Total kills by team.
teamdeaths Total deaths by team.
doubles Double kills.
triples Triple kills.
quadras Quadra kills.
pentas Pentakills.
fb First blood kill (1 yes, 0 no).
fbassist First blood assist (1 yes, 0 no).
fbvictim First blood victim (1 yes, 0 no).
fbtime First blood time, in minutes. (Seconds measured in hundredths of a minute.)
kpm Kills per minute (individuals and teams reported separately).
okpm Opponent kills per minute (for players, reflects opponent in same position).
ckpm Combined kills per minute (own kills and opponent kills combined).
fd First dragon of game killed (1 yes, 0 no).
fdtime First dragon time, in minutes. (Seconds measured in hundredths of a minute.)
teamdragkills Total dragons killed by team.
oppdragkills Total dragons killed by opposing team.
herald Rift herald taken (1 yes, 0 opponent took it, blank herald not killed).
heraldtime Herald kill time, in minutes. (Seconds measured in hundredths of a minute.) For spring 2016, reflects the first herald of the game.
ft First tower of game killed (1 yes, 0 no).
fttime First tower kill time, in minutes. (Seconds measured in hundredths of a minute.)
firstmidouter First team to kill mid lane outer tower (1 yes, 0 no).
firsttothreetowers First team to kill three towers (1 yes, 0 no).
teamtowerkills Total towers killed by team.
opptowerkills Total towers killed by opposing team.
fbaron First baron of game killed (1 yes, 0 no).
fbarontime First baron time, in minutes. (Seconds measured in hundredths of a minute.)
teambaronkills Total barons killed by team.
oppbaronkills Total barons killed by opposing team.
dmgtochamps Total damage dealt to champions.
dmgtochampsperminute Total damage dealt to champions per minute.
dmgshare Share of team’s total damage dealt to champions.
earnedgoldshare Share of team’s total gold, with starting gold and inherent gold generation removed.
wards Total wards placed (of all types).
wpm Wards placed per minute (or all types).
wardshare Share of team’s total wards placed (of all types).
wardkills Total wards cleared/killed (of all types).
wcpm Total wards cleared/killed per minute (of all types).
visionwards Vision/control wards placed.
visionwardbuys Vision/control wards purchased.
visiblewardclearrate Percent of opposing team’s visible wards cleared. Includes vision/control and blue trinket wards. Reported for teams only.
invisiblewardclearrate Percent of opposing team’s invisible wards cleared. Includes wards from yellow trinket and sightstone items. Reported for teams only.
totalgold Total gold earned from all sources.
earnedgpm Earned gold per minute, with starting gold and inherent gold generation removed.
goldspent Total gold spent.
gspd Gold spent percentage difference. For more information, see
minionkills Lane minions killed.
monsterkills Neutral monsters killed.
monsterkillsownjungle Neutral monsters killed in own team’s jungle.
monsterkillsenemyjungle Neutral monsters killed in opposing team’s jungle.
cspm Creep score per minute. All creep score variables include minions and monsters, and do not include wards, champion-generated minions, or other units counted as CS in-game.
cssharepost15 Percentage of team’s total creep score post-15-minutes.
csat10 Creep score at 10:00.
oppcsat10 Opponent’s creep score at 10:00.
csdat10 Creep score difference at 10:00.
goldat10 Total gold earned at 10:00.
oppgoldat10 Opponent’s total gold earned at 10:00.
gdat10 Gold difference at 10:00.
goldat15 Total gold earned at 15:00.
oppgoldat15 Opponent’s total gold earned at 15:00.
gdat15 Gold difference at 15:00.
xpat10 Experience earned at 10:00.
oppxpat10 Opponent’s experience earned at 10:00.
xpdat10 Experience difference at 10:00.