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Broken Timings in LOLesports Match Histories

I don’t often resort to using memes, but:

Riot, pls

TL;DR: I just confirmed that the timing charts in the lolesports match history pages appear to be broken: every timing is shifted forward by one minute, so the numbers given “at 10:00” actually represent 11:00, and so on. We need to bring this to Riot’s attention so they can hopefully fix it. Continue reading Broken Timings in LOLesports Match Histories

Sweeping Lens: Exploring “Gold Share”

Gold Share is the percentage of the team’s total gold that goes to a particular role/player. The appeal of gold share as a LoL statistic seems clear enough: it can show where the gold goes on different teams.

But before simply assigning a percentage to each player and starting our interpretation, we need to ask some important questions. What is gold share actually measuring? How should we calculate it? And maybe most importantly, is there enough variation between players/teams to make it actually useful? Continue reading Sweeping Lens: Exploring “Gold Share”