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Quick Clip: Exploring the Flash Wolves’ 5-man dive vs G-Rex in the LMS Finals

What did G-Rex do right, and what did they do wrong, in responding to the Flash Wolves’ 5-man tower dive in the bot lane early in game 1 of the LMS Finals?

Chime in with your opinion on the right way to respond to 5-man tower dives here:

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Three EU LCS Roster Moves to Watch

The winds of change that blow through the offseason always create a fascinating set of loose threads ready to be woven into new storylines. And while North American and Chinese franchising has dominated headlines, there’s plenty of reason for excitement and curiosity in Europe, too.

Here are three of the EU LCS’s offseason moves that have captured my imagination the most going into 2018.

Hylissang joins Fnatic

Anything Fnatic does generates plenty of attention, simply given who they are as a brand and what they represent for Europe as a region. But Hylissang doesn’t just deserve discussion because of the team he’s joining. In my opinion, he has the potential to be among the most influential pick-ups for any team in Europe. Continue reading Three EU LCS Roster Moves to Watch