H2K: They Do It Their Way

Around the world, league-leading teams like the ROX Tigers in Korea and Immortals in North America tend to play a certain style: hit ‘em early, hit ‘em often, finish ‘em fast. With aggressive Junglers and intense pressure, these teams are earning decisive early leads and then driving them home hard. This is true—in varying degrees—of each league leader in the five major regions, except for one team, a European squad that stands out in some interesting ways.

Through the first five weeks of Spring 2016, H2K is playing the game their own way, marching to the beat of their own drum. Led by their Head Coach, Pr0lly, they play slower, they prioritize things a little differently, and it’s working so far: H2K has an 8-2 record, tied with G2 Esports for first place in the European LCS. But can this style carry them to victory in the fast-approaching playoffs, or have H2K shown flaws that are likely to be exploited?

Let’s break down some of the unique aspects of H2K’s play style, and see what we can learn about Pr0lly’s team.

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