Snowballing: Tracking How Gold Leads Grow (and Shrink)

Snowballing is an important part of League of Legends: if you can’t convert a large gold lead into a nexus lead, you will never win the game, and if you can’t convert a small gold lead into a large gold lead, the enemy team will take your lead away. Every team should be constantly trying to increase their gold lead, or dig themselves out of a gold deficit.

However, not every team is equally good at this. Some teams know how to recover from a disastrous early game to a miraculous comeback victory, as TSM did vs Immortals in Game 4 of the NA LCS Summer finals. Some teams seem hopeless, as they either squander a big lead, or dig themselves into a deeper hole every passing minute, such as when Dignitas struggled against CLG in the NA LCS 3rd-place match.

Today we’re introducing a new statistic called Snowball that measures this aspect of League of Legends.

The Formula

We define Snowball as the following:

Note that whenever a team gains Snowball, the opposite team loses Snowball of equal value. If the gold distribution changes from 52%/48% to 51%/49%, blue team lost 1 Snowball while red team gained 1 Snowball. This rewards teams for increasing their % gold lead, while punishing teams for losing it. Continue reading Snowballing: Tracking How Gold Leads Grow (and Shrink)

Three NA LCS coaches answer questions about drafting and Rift Herald

Recently, I picked the brains of some NA LCS coaches about drafting strategy, the new Rift Herald, and more. Each coach had their own set of insights, and rather than condense them and lose the unique elements, I’ve decided to share the raw audio of all three interviews below in full. Enjoy!

Core Questions

  • Drafting for comfort vs counterpicks.
  • The importance of flex picks to the draft.
  • How has Rift Herald affected the viability of playing around top lane?
  • What are the best ways to use the Rift Herald buff?

Continue reading Three NA LCS coaches answer questions about drafting and Rift Herald

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